Links I Love

Exciting news foodies: Guru Donuts is open again!! Find out more about their new (permanent!) location by visiting their website at:

“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Mason

Mark Mason argues that the most confident, or as I like to refer to them “badass”, people do not in fact not give a fuck at all but rather are choosy about the things deserving of their limited supply of fucks. Very insightful and funny, this article is not for anyone offended by the f-word. He uses it a lot. Like, 127 times a lot.

Fashion Dads on Instagram

Dads showing off their best fashion blogger impressions- what could be better? The captions!

“Un-Fancy: A Minimalist Fashion Blog”

The new year always calls for a re-examining of life and one of my new goals for 2015 is to minimize and refine my wardrobe. This blog is a great inspiration for that.

“Not Always Right”

If you have ever worked a job where you have to interact with fellow humans, you know they’re not always that bright or nice. And this website serves as a funny archive of just those moments- specifically, when the customer is definitely not right.


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