Links I Love

The internet is a vast and lawless expanse of territory to cover. It is impossible to see even .00001% of everything available which means when you stumble across a blog or website that speaks to you, you rejoice with the same joy you might have when making a new friend. So, I thought I’d share some of the treasures I’ve come across in my Indiana Jonesing of the internet.

 “You too?”- Personal Blogs

The Militant Baker: Wonderful blogger from Arizona who share wonderful stories and advice about the Body Positive movement. A little sweary, a lot funny- totally worth a read.

Brittany, Herself.: Funny and irreverent with a wonderful connection to her fans, Brittany covers everything from plus-size fashion to raising children to love their bodies.

Mark Mason: No-nonsense advice for all of the relationships in your life. He covers a lot of dating, but I find the information applicable to friendships ad family too. Your pattern in one type of relationship is probably the same as the patterns in your other relationships.

“Pip pip, cheerio*!”- Anglophile Blogs

Mind the Gap: From the BBC America, this website is designed for Brit. expats living the US. It’s just as fun though to read it as an American marveling, and more often than not laughing, at the humorous distinctions between two seemingly similar cultures.

Separated by a Common Language: Think you speak English? Brits might beg to differ. While we speak the “same” language, this blog points out that it is very easy for us to feel like foreigners in our own native tongue.

“The only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.” -Science Blogs

Ask A Mortician: This YouTube series involves a cool young mortician answering the questions about death you’ve always wondered but never asked. We will all spend most of our time on Earth dead, might as well try to understand it.

Wired Science Blogs: Want to learn something new? How about the answer to a question you didn’t know you wanted to ask? Check here for interesting science findings and stories.



So reader, what are your go-to blogs?






*Don’t do this to Brits. They will hate you and refuse to make you tea, the greatest of British insults.**

**Actually they’ll probably still make you tea because Brits are polite, but it won’t be any good because it will be made with hatred and contempt. And contempt tea is the worst.


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