Do you have a personal credo?

Have you ever considered writing a personal credo?

Or are you currently wondering what the hell a personal credo is?

I was doing the latter two weeks ago when I attended a wonderful writing workshop by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta at Rediscovered Bookshop in Boise. I had heard of credos. Big companies have credos. Countries have credos. Religions are built around credos. But me? I could have a credo?

Apparently I could and in fact, having written it, I felt I dearly needed it. I’ve been going through some personal evolution lately and this exercise was perfect for sorting through all of that.

So here is my proposal for you: write your own credo. What is important to you about how to live as a human being? At the end of the day, what makes a successful human and how do you put that into words?

Below is my credo. Take a look and then take a shot at making your own.

“How to Be”

by Sarah Nash

Be open. 

To life, to love, to experience. 

Bring home more photographs and memories than things. 

Make more secrets.

Things that are yours and yours alone. 

Talk to children to gain perspective. Talk to the aged for the same. 

Be humble in your accomplishments but proud of your soul.

Know your worth. Accept nothing less. 

Be brave enough to stop. 

Don’t take yourself so seriously. 

Believe in the good.

Believe in the cosmic plan.

If you can’t do that, make your own. 

Work hard. Remember to play.

Read more and watch less.

Then put the book down and go do.



Try again.

Fail again.

Try, try again.

Be okay if failing happens again.

Maybe try something else.

Remember: the failure happened, but you are not the failure.


Everyone. Everything.

 Cultivate the beautiful.

 Drink lots of coffee and eat cookies: both are good for the soul. 

Take care of your body.It will be your lifelong vessel.

Take care of your mind- your lifelong companion. Woo it, romance it, stretch it.

Travel often but revel in the feeling of coming home.

 Always pet the dog.


Please feel free to add a comment!

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