The Great Coffee Shop Hunt: Thomas Hammer


Thomas Hammer is a northwest coffee chain with one location in Boise on the Southwestern corner of 8th and Bannock. The staff is incredibly friendly and the vibe business casual, more often due to the clientele than the shop itself. In addition to the coffee shops, Thomas Hammer also roasts their own coffee and is venturing into making their own Keurig cups.


My favorite drink is the Fireball. Contrary to what the name might imply the drink is not spicy. Rather, it tastes like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange whose yearly appearances in my Christmas stocking make me associate the drink with peace and love (very hippie-ish of me). If you’re looking for spice, the next item down the menu should do it: the El Diablo. And, if you are really nice, perhaps the barista will make you a hybrid of the two. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

One the best perks of visiting Thomas Hammer is an unspoken one. The coffee shop is kiddy-corner to the Capitol and as such, it is a goldmine for people watching. Come legislative season, the shop is packed with men and women in smart looking suits and deep conversations. Finding a table at that time might be a bit tricky, but next to the main shop is a secondary seating room with tables and a wonderful glass bar set against the window looking out onto 8th street.

 Recommended for:

-Quick and good coffee (There’s even an express cash-only coffee lane for the grad and go coffee-holic.)


-Early morning work (The coffee shop opens at 6am during the week. Grad a seat by the window, plug into the power strip behind the seat, and settle in to watch the people drift in.)

-People watching along 8th street (In warm weather, sit in the private patio area. In cold weather, pick a seat along the huge windows lining the 8th street side.)

-Small Professional Meetings (The coffee shop is hitting on all cylinders for the local business demographic. If you are looking for a semi-quiet place to meet with someone whose work uniform more closely matches The Doctor, this is a great place to go.)

Have you been to Thomas Hammer and if so, what did you think?


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